Super pouch

Super Pouch is a brand-new solution in flexible packaging industry


Bright, attractive and convenient bag contributes to a better brands differentiation. Super Pouch is a self-standing bag made of multilayer combined material and equipped with a Т-Тap.

Contrary to Bag in Box, Super Pouch does not require outer container, but still is a perfect solution with a huge advertising space.

Super Pouch possesses great barrier properties. Its oxygen impermeability guarantees that the product preserves its taste and flavors for longer.

Super Pouch is lightweight, which provides for easy portability and cost-effective transportation. There is no risk of breaking on the way, which enables E-Commerce.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC with vast experience in laminated materials production has developed a structure that besides barrier properties demonstrates high mechanical strength, opacity and resistance to high temperatures. Our Super Pouch sustains the temperature of even 85oC.


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Super Pouch is made of high quality films that do not affect the smell and taste of the contents, thereby preserving and protecting the quality of your valuable product;


Increases the expiry date of products after opening;


The strength of the Super Pouch barrier layer prevents the ingress of air into the product and protects it from direct sunlight thus preserving your product from the ingress of substances from the outside;


Packaging has an extensive advertising space sector as opposed to alternative packaging;


Super pouch packaging is flexible and durable. It does not break in contrast to glass containers;


Does not cause problems with recycling, reducing the impact on the environment and on the carbon footprint as compared with other types of packaging;


Provides a safe process for filling and storage;


Provides significant savings in transportation and storage.

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