Production technology

The film is produced using 3-layer and 5-layer extrusion equipment


Products comply with food laws and European regulations

Types of products

Lamination Film
Peel Effect Film
Antifog effect film
Film for packaging milk and fertilizers
Biodegradable film
Film for the construction industry and technical applications



Minimum thickness variation


High physical and mechanical characteristics


Optimal friction coefficient


Stable high-quality weldability in various temperature ranges


Sufficient surface activation


Lack of sags and irregularities


Contact with food

Scope of application in various flexible packaging markets


Packages Doy-Pack, Sachet, etc.

Our company offers you a unique recipe of polyethylene film, which fully meets all the necessary packaging requirements Doy-Pack (doy-pack). Its main characteristic is high physical and mechanical properties and good weldability in a different temperature range, which allows to ensure the quality and production stability.


Bulk materials

Packaging of bulk materials (cereals, sugar, salt, starch, mustard, powdered milk, pasta) implies the presence of fine dust that interferes with the packing process. To solve this problem, our company offers a film with high strength welds, as well as with the use of special antistatic additives that allow to avoid package contamination.


Frozen products

The modern system of storage and transportation of frozen products requires careful selection of packaging. Our company offers a wide range of polyethylene films, which have such properties as resistance to cracking at low temperatures, elasticity, transparency, as well as high impact strength.


Household chemicals

Our company offers a special type of polyethylene films, a feature of which is that the quality of the weld should exclude the process of evaporation of alcohol. Packaging of hygiene products, including wet wipes, implies that the film meets hygienic standards, which is fully ensured in our production.

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