Bag in box

Bag in Box is a perfect alternative to other types of packaging

There is a growing demand for it in food and chemical industries.

TEO UK Packaging Limited supplies Bag in Box produced at TECHNOLOGIA JSC, which is certified according to FSSC 22000 and recognized as a reliable packaging producer by EcoVadis.

Bag in Box is a packaging system that consists of the high quality multilayer bag with top-notch dispensers and the cardboard box. It offers the liquid products manufacturers the opportunity to transport and store their products in a safe, reliable and economical packaging, It is a great solution for the use of a disposable packaging, which does not require container cleanup.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has a full cycle production process, which ensures 100% control and traceability of Bag in Box packaging. PE film, laminated metallized materials and fitments are produced at the same factory.

Owing to the highest quality materials used in Bag in Box production, the bags withstands the filling at the temperature up to 85 °C. There is a possibility to fill the product into the standard bag and into the one with the aseptic treatment.  The last one requires the special-purpose sterile equipment.




Produced from high quality polyethylene that does not affect the smell and taste of the contents, thereby preserving and protecting the quality of your valuable product;


Increases the expiry date of products after opening, the packaging is flexible and fits any type of your box package, еnsures safe filling process.


The strength of the bag in box barrier layer prevents air from entering the product and protects against direct contact of the sun rays. This keeps your product from penetration of outside substances;


Due to the external container (box), a large sector of advertising space is provided, as opposed to alternative packaging;


Does not cause problems with recycling, reducing the impact on the environment and on the carbon footprint compared to other types of packaging;


There is no need for reusable packaging, container recycling, washing and cleaning;


Durability and safety at storage. Substantial savings during transportation and storage;


The manufacturing sector is located in a clean, sterile room, which, according to hygienic requirements, produces packaging worthy of your product.




For retail

2 liters/ 3 liters/ 5 liters/ 10 liters


10 liters / 20 liters / 22 liters

Industrial filling

220 liters


Metallized material

standard, laminate under 220 l

Transparent material

EVOH (with PA) or EVOH (without PA)

PE / PA material

Additionnal Treatment

Aseptic (Gamma Irradiation)

Upon customers request we provide aseptic treatment to ensure protection of the bags from contamination

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